How New is Modern and Favorites from the RMQM

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum!  We have two exhibits on display, How New is Modern by the Denver Metro Modern Quilt Group, and RMQM favorites and inspiration quilts for How New is Modern in the smaller gallery. 

How New is Modern

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (RMQM) is proud to host an exhibition of modern quilts from a talented group of modern quilters--The Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild.  How New is Modern, an exhibition of quilts designed and created by Denver-area modern quilters, explores well-known and classic designs in unique and unexpected ways.  Using quilts from RMQM’s own collection as inspiration, thirty-seven quilts present reimaginations of classic quilt patterns, utilizing bright colors, unusual fabrics, and intricate quilting.

This dazzling collection delves into how modern quilting as an aesthetic started, as quilters used traditional patterns in bold new ways, recreating whole or partial patterns with graphic design, high contrast, improvisational piecing, and explorations of negative space.  “Whether traditional or modern, the common thread is the desire to create and express oneself with needle, fabric, and thread.  The result is a piece that is unique to the maker, where one’s imagination is the only limitation,” says Karen Roxburgh, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

The Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild, the local chapter of The Modern Quilt Guild, is formed from a wide range of artisans, includes award-winning quilters and many who have been at the forefront of the modern quilting movement.  “We appreciate this opportunity to present this exhibition that links quilting’s past and future.  Our hope is that viewers will be inspired to create in any style they choose so that the art form of quilting can continue well into the future,” says Shelby Skumanich, President of the Guild.

On display from October 23rd to February 3rd, 2018, How New Is Modern will provide all visitors to the museum with a fresh exploration of long favored traditional patterns, encouraging discussion between traditional and modern quilters.   Also on display will be a collection of favorite quilts from the Museum’s collection, including the traditional quilts that inspired How New Is Modern.

Please listen along to the audio exhibit as we take your through these exhibits and the stories behind the quilts.