Under the Western Sun and Buffalo Bill: Quilting the Wild West

                      Under the Western Sun
Where an artist lives impacts the voice with which they speak. Here in the West we experience extremes of climate and altitude; intense color and light, unusual landscapes and plants; unique people and cultures These all influence the work we do Under the Western Sun.
This exhibit was open to SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Association) from Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico.
The juror was Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, prize winning textile art quilter .
The exhibit is curated by Barbara Yates Beasley and Bev Haring.

Give Bees a Chance
Parched Earh: Wilted Corn
The Sentinel
Arid Agua
Woodland Berries
The Sentinels
Bighorn Sheep
The Yucca and the Moth
Flight LessonsI
Succulent Sorbet
Fertile Hills
Yucca Ridge
Rock Sentinel
Valley of Fire
Larger than Life
On Dahlias
Everything's Going to be Alright
Alpine Forget-me-nots
The Seed and Water blessing
Colorado: Columbine
Golden Canyon
Mapforms #9
Remembering John Denver/Fire in theSky
Canyon Wrapped in Starlight
Buffalo Bill: Quilting the Wild West
Buffalo Bill's 150th Anniversary Quilt
South Fork of the OregonTrail
Longhorn Bull
Oh, Give Me a Home...
Courageous Cowgirls
Legacy of Buffalo Bill
Romance vs. Reality
Old Trail Town
Boot Quilt
The Chief
Breaking Free
Cowboys and Indians
Celebrating Buffalo Bill
Bye, Bye, Buckaroos
Buffalo Bills' Wild West Show